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Shokado Garden & Art Museum, Yawata City -Experience Japanese tea ceremony in a traditional tea room-


Group size2~8people

Shokado Garden & Art Museum,  Yawata City -Experience Japanese tea ceremony in a traditional tea room-

Experience the heart of Japanese tea culture amidst the beautiful seasonal scenery of the surrounding garden

“Shokado Bento,” a boxed lunch that exemplifies Japanese cuisine, has its roots in “Shokado”—a residential complex where high-ranking monks in the past have spent the last years of their lives in the company of sprawling gardens with the occasional tea room or study. This tour brings you to “Shokado,” where you will sit down for a tea ceremony. Immerse yourself in this rich cultural experience while enjoying the beautiful seasonal scenery of the surrounding garden.

Tea house Shoin

Tea house Shoin

Shokado Garden shares a deep affinity with the Buddhist priest Shokado Shojo, who was active in the early Edo period as a leading figure of the elegant Kan’ei culture. This garden houses a number of culturally important sites within its huge area of 22,000 square meters, including the tea hut “Shokado” and an ancient study “Izumibo Shoin,” which combine with the surrounding Japanese gardens to create a stunning landscape.

A 400year old Japanese Garden

A 400year old Japanese Garden

When seated in the “Bai-in,” you can hear the enchanting sounds of water drops emanating from the nearby “Suikinkutsu” (water lyre cave) beside a stone wash basin. As the seasons go by, the garden offers refreshing views of camellia, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, and maple leaves.

Suikinkutsu(Water lyre cave)

Suikinkutsu(Water lyre cave)

Shokado Garden is the birthplace of the well-known Shokado Bento, a mainstay in Japanese cuisine. You can enjoy your lunch while taking in the delightful backdrop of the surrounding garden.

Formal Tea ceremony

Formal Tea ceremony

We will sit down for a formal tea ceremony in the tea room “Chiku-in.” All beginners are welcome to participate and enjoy this essential cultural experience.

Birthplace of Shokado Bento)

Birthplace of Shokado Bento)

The collection at Shokado Art Museum features many works related to Shokado Shojo. The museum also regularly holds special exhibitions and themed exhibitions. You can contact them for more details.

⑥ Shokado Garden&Museum (240mins)

JR Kyoto (Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit) MK Taxi VIP Station(Departure)
(40 min.) ↓ By Chartered Taxi  [Tolls Not included]
Yawata City : Shokado Garden & Museum : Front Gate (Briefing.)
(10 min.)↓ By walk
Garden Tour with a Japanese speaking guide.
(Guests can enjoy seasonal plants like ” Cameria, plum trees, cherry trees,
(80 min.) Maples leaves and Bamboo forests.)
Attend a tea ceremony in a private tearoom in the garden.
(10 min.)↓ By walk
Kitcho Japanese Restaurants. (Finest Japanese Cuisine Restaurant.)
(60 min.)
Enjoy Shokado Bento box lunch.Birth place of Shokado Bento.
(40 min.) ↓ By Chartered Taxi  [Tolls Not included]
JR Kyoto (Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit) MK Taxi VIP Station(Return)
Or you can choose from half-day recommended tour if you want to stay Kyoto tea country more.

Charge per person See below Rates.
Additional benefits None
Tour Operation Day Everydays except Monday & New year days)
Group size 2~8people
Language Driver : English / Local gardener : Japanese
Duration 180mins
Meeting Point MK Taxi VIP Station(Near by JR Kyoto Station Hachijo entrance)
Meals availability Not Includes
Tour Conductor availability Tour Includes
Tour includes Garden Tour with Japanese speaking guide, Tea ceremony(Matcha & Japanese sweets),Insurance.Local tax.
Tour does NOT includes *****


Charge(tax incl.)

■Rates (2–8 people)

2 people @7,300 JPY
3 people @7,300 JPY
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5 people @7,300 JPY
6 people @7,300 JPY
7 people @7,300 JPY
8 people @7,300 JPY

■Taxi Rates (4 hrs)

4 seater 26,950 JPY
6 seater 30,500 JPY
8 seater 42,000 JPY

■Interpreter Guide Rates (4 hrs)

Standard 25,000 JPY
Off season 20,000 JPY

※Please enquire about groups larger than 8 people.
※With English speaking driver.
※Tours can be extended beyond 4 hours for an additional hourly fee. See the rate table on p.3 for details.
※An English-speaking driver is included in all packages, but as an optional extra we can arrange for a professional interpreter to accompany you. See the rate table on p.3 for details.


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