Private Day-trips by Chartered Taxi?

This is a sightseeing plan for foreign tourists brought to you by MK Taxi, a taxi company based in Kyoto that operates in 8 cities nationwide. This plan allows you to explore Kyoto in a chartered taxi, and offers a wide selection of seven different hands-on experiences in the Yamashiro region (a famous tea-growing area in Kyoto), as well as 12 different tour routes.
You can create a personalized itinerary by choosing your favorite hands-on experience from the seven options on offer, and combine it with any of the 12 available tour routes. After departing Kyoto city, you can relax and enjoy your 4 to 8-hour (including traveling time) sightseeing trip of the Yamashiro region by traveling in the comfort of the chartered taxi.

The basic price for each plan will be the total of the cost of the selected hands-on experience and the chartered taxi fare. An English-speaking driver is included in all packages, but as an optional extra we can arrange for a professional interpreter to accompany you.

For enquiries regarding the Taxi Tour Plan or details of the tour packages, please contact Ocha no Kyoto DMO. To make a reservation, please contact MK Travel directly.


Taxi Rates(tax incl.)

■Standard (Mar 21–Jun 20, Oct 1–Nov 30) ■Off season (All other dates)

4 seater 6 seater 8 seater
StandardOff seasonStandardOff seasonStandardOff season
4 hrs26,950 JPY24,970 JPY30,500 JPY28,300 JPY42,000 JPY39,900 JPY
5 hrs33,050 JPY30,630 JPY36,600 JPY33,960 JPY49,600 JPY47,080 JPY
6 hrs39,150 JPY36,290 JPY42,700 JPY39,620 JPY57,200 JPY54,260 JPY
7 hrs45,250 JPY41,950 JPY48,800 JPY45,280 JPY64,800 JPY61,440 JPY
8 hrs51,350 JPY47,610 JPY54,900 JPY50,940 JPY72,400 JPY68,620 JPY
+60 mins6,100 JPY5,660 JPY6,100 JPY5,660 JPY7,600 JPY7,180 JPY

※With English speaking driver.
※Rates are based on pickup/drop-off from the MK Taxi VIP Station at Kyoto Station Hachijoguchi, but pickup/dropoff from any hotel in Kyoto can be arranged at no additional charge.

Interpreter Guide Rates (tax incl.)

■Standard (Mar 1– May 31, Oct 1– Nov 30) ■Off season (All other dates)

Standard Off season
4 hrs 25,000 JPY 20,000 JPY

※Interpreter Guide Cancellation Fees
Should you wish to cancel your interpreter booking, the following cancellation fees will apply:
More than 2 days prior to departure = Basic Fee x No.Days Booked @ 60%
Within 1 day prior to departure = Basic Fee x No.Days Booked @ 80%
Same-day of departure = Basic Fee x No.Days Booked @ 100%