Ocha no Kyoto Photo Gallery Terms Of Use

(Purpose of use)
The images posted in the Photo Gallery may be used free of charge. However, use is limited to purposes that contribute to attracting tourists or promoting tourism to the Ocha no Kyoto area (Uji City, Joyo City, Yawata City, Kyotanabe City, Kizugawa City, Kumiyama Town, Ide Town, Ujitawara Town, Kasagi Town, Wazuka Town, Seika Town, Minamiyamashiro Village) such as spreading the appeal, enhancing the awareness and image, introducing tourist spots (such as in magazines), and publishing in tourist brochures.

(Copyrights, etc.)
All copyrights of the images are the property of the Kyoto Yamashiro Area Promotion Organization (“Ocha no Kyoto DMO”), or the provider of the images.
Ocha no Kyoto DMO processes the usage rights to the images, however, they may require separate permission from the photographed subjects such as facilities regarding publicity rights or trademarks.
Ocha no Kyoto DMO shall not be held responsible for any disputes regarding these rights.

The following uses of the images are prohibited.
・When the images are used in a manner that may harm the credibility of Ocha no Kyoto DMO, or degrades the image of the Ocha no Kyoto area.
・When the images are used in a manner that violates laws and regulations, or contrary to public order or morality.
・When the use of images may violate copyrights, such as altering (excluding processing such as cropping or image quality correction which does not compromise the originality of the image).
・The selling, distribution, transfer of ownership, or loaning of the images, or the use in products of monetary value (such as photo books, calendars, or digital data).

The user will use the service at its own risk, and the Ocha no Kyoto DMO will not be responsible for any damages or loss arising from the use of images.

For matters that are not covered in this Terms of Use, please inquire at the following.
Please submit the products that used this service to the following.
Keihan Uji Building 2F
7-8 Uji-Otsukata, Uji-shi, Kyoto 611-0021
Ocha no Kyoto DMO
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