Ocha no Kyoto Website Terms of Use

The Ocha no Kyoto DMO Official Site “Ocha no Kyoto” (“the Site”) is entirely operated by Ocha no Kyoto DMO (“DMO”) as a public relations media that publishes tourist information on the Kyoto Yamashiro area to promote tourism and stimulate the area. The policies of the Site are as follows.

1. Regarding copyrights
The rights of individual copyrighted material on the Site such as written text, photographs, images, music, and voices are the property of DMO and other third parties, and protected by the Copyright Act.
The unauthorized duplication, use, transfer, selling or altering of the information on the Site is prohibited except when permitted under the Copyright Act such as within the private range or use, or use as a quote.

2. Regarding limitation of liabilities
DMO makes every possible effort to ensure the accuracy of the information published on the Site. However, DMO is not responsible for any action that the user takes using the information on the Site.
DMO also assumes no responsibility for the information or damages resulting from the use of external third-party websites linked to the Site.
The information published on the Site may be revised, corrected, or deleted without prior notice.
For inquiries regarding the Site or its links, please contact Ocha no Kyoto DMO at TEL 0774-25-3239 FAX 0774-25-3238