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d:matcha Kyoto, Wazuka Town -Stroll in beautiful tea fields and indulge in green tea products-


Group size2~8people

d:matcha Kyoto, Wazuka Town -Stroll in beautiful tea fields and indulge in green  tea products-

Hike through magnificent tea fields, and enjoy a lunch featuring green tea and matcha products

A member of the Most Beautiful Villages in Japan Association, Wazuka is a town famous for its alluring tea fields. In this tour, you will have the chance to learn more about Japanese tea while hiking through the beautiful tea fields of Wazuka. Here, you can enjoy a series of hands-on activities found only at a tea farm or tea factory, including sampling single-origin teas to savor their distinctive characters, manually grinding green tea leaves using a grindstone to make matcha, and enjoying a sumptuous lunch that features a variety of green tea items. An alternative itinerary without hiking is also available.

Wazuka café & Kitchen

Wazuka café & Kitchen

d:matcha Kyoto is a company that takes charge of every step in the process of tea production, from the cultivation of tea to the processing and sales of tea. It also runs d:matcha Kyoto CAFE & KITCHEN, where you can buy food and drinks made from locally produced tea.

Tea Plantation

Tea Plantation

The 30 to 45-minute hike will bring us to chemical-free tea fields in the Harayama or Yubune areas of Wazuka.

Matcha Tasting 3varieties

Matcha Tasting 3varieties

This activity is accompanied by an English-speaking staff, whose detailed explanation will help us learn more about matcha.

Sencha Tasting 3varieties

Sencha Tasting 3varieties

There will be a tea tasting session where we sample single-origin teas individually and compare their differences. You can also blend different tea leaves to create an original tea that you love.

Pasta with Sencha

Pasta with Sencha

At d:matcha Kyoto CAFE & KITCHEN, the flagship shop of d:matcha Kyoto overlooking the tea fields of Kamatsuka, we will sit down for a special lunch featuring many items made from Wazuka-produced tea.

③ d:matcha Kyoto (240mins)

JR Kyoto (Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit) MK Taxi VIP Station(Departure)
(50 min.)  ↓ By Chartered Taxi  [Tolls Not included]
(10 min.) Wazuka town: d:matcha Kyoto Café & Kitchen (Briefing.)
(10 min.) ↓ By Chartered Taxi
(40 min.) Visit Harayama or Yubune Tea plantation.
↓ By walk
Open air session in the tea plantation with English speaking staff.
( 30~45mins hike in the plantation)
(Tea picking in chemical-free tea plantation.)
(10 min.) ↓ By Chartered Taxi
(50 min.) Tea tasting & Matcha making Session with English speaking staff.
( 3 varieties of single origin green teas or Matcha)
(10 min.) ↓ By Chartered Taxi
(10 min.) Cuisine & Sweets with locally produced tea leaves ( Lunch)
Shopping Time (Enjoy Green tea items made from Wazuka -produced tea)
(50 min.) ↓ By Chartered Taxi [Tolls Not included]
JR Kyoto (Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit) MK Taxi VIP Station(Return)

Or you can choose from half-day recommended tour if you want to stay Kyoto tea country more.

Charge per person See below Rates.
Additional benefits None
Tour Operation Day Every days except New year days.
Group size 2~8people
Language Driver : English / Tour Guide :English
Duration 180mins
Meeting Point MK Taxi VIP Station(Near by JR Kyoto Station Hachijo entrance)
Meals availability Not Includes
Tour Conductor availability Tour Includes
Tour includes Guide Fee (Tea Picking&Hiking,3varietes of Tea Tasting),Insurance, Local tax.
Tour does NOT includes *****


Charge(tax incl.)

■Rates (2–8 people)

2 people @8,800 JPY
3 people @8,800 JPY
4 people @8,800 JPY
5 people @8,800 JPY
6 people @8,800 JPY
7 people @8,800 JPY
8 people @8,800 JPY

■Taxi Rates (4 hrs)

4 seater 26,950 JPY
6 seater 30,500 JPY
8 seater 42,000 JPY

■Interpreter Guide Rates (4 hrs)

Standard 25,000 JPY
Off season 20,000 JPY

※Please enquire about groups larger than 8 people.
※With English speaking driver.
※Tours can be extended beyond 4 hours for an additional hourly fee. See the rate table on p.3 for details.
※An English-speaking driver is included in all packages, but as an optional extra we can arrange for a professional interpreter to accompany you. See the rate table on p.3 for details.


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