Mampuku-ji Temple“Zazen experience”and“Fucha cuisine” (Buddhist cuisine.)

Modified date:04.17.2020

Itinerary (240mins)

Kyoto City → [40 mins] → Uji City: Komano
Ashikage-en Ruins, Mampuku-ji Temple “Zazen
experience” (90 mins)*Reservation required – Fucha cuisine
(40 mins) → [40 mins] → Kyoto City

●Mampuku-ji Temple
Founded in 1661 by Chinese zen master Yin-yuan, this ancient Buddhist temple features a distinctly Chinese style of architecture. Vegetarian Chinese fucha ryori meals can also be sampled at its on-site restaurant.
●Komano Ashikage-en Ruins
A stone monument celebrating the origin of Uji tea, and the legend that the Buddhist monk Myoe taught the Uji villagers how to plant tea.
●Fucha cuisine
This vegetarian Buddhist cuisine was brought from China by the High Priest Ingen. It’s name, fucha, means “to bring tea and the masses together”.

Fucha cuisine