-Japan Heritage site – Chagenkyo Wazuka Town tea fields

Modified date:04.17.2020

Itinerary (240mins)

Kyoto City → [40 mins] → Wazuka Town: Ishitera
Tea Fields (20 mins) → [10 mins] → Wazuka Town: Wazukacha
Cafe (30 mins) → Wazuka Town: d:matcha Kyoto CAFE
& KITCHEN · Kamatsuka Tea Fields (60 mins) → [50 mins] →
Kyoto City

●Ishitera Tea Fields
The beautiful circular terraced tea fields hugging the hills of the Ishitera area are interspersed with both old and new dwellings, typifying the Chagenkyo landscape. (Designated a scenic asset of Kyoto Prefecture)
●Wazuka-cha Cafe
This café serves many functions, including acting as a base for sightseeing in Wazuka Town, selling Wazuka-cha tea, renting bicycles, and more.
●d:matcha Kyoto CAFE & KITCHEN
Sample different kinds of sencha and matcha teas with their “single origin” tasting experience, or enjoy original Japanese sweets, desserts, and pasta dishes made with Wazuka-cha tea.

d:matcha Kyoto CAFE & KITCHEN

Kamatsuka Tea Fields