Green tea’s hometown: From the sacred Jubuzan mountain to Chagenkyo, Wazuka Trail. Difficulty: Moderate

Modified date:04.17.2020

Itinerary (240mins)

Kyoto City → [40 mins] → Ujitawara Town: Soen
Koyuan Yantan, Nagatani Soen House, Chaso-myo
Shrine, Tokai Nature Trail (70 mins), Jubuzan Mountain
Forest Path → Wazuka Town: Kontai-ji Temple, Taho
tower (10 mins), Main hall (10 mins), Tokai Nature Trail
(30 mins), Harayama Tea Fields landscape , Wazuka
Tenmangu Shrine → [60 mins] → Kyoto City
*Your vehicle will not be available between Ujitawara Town and Wazuka Town.

Near the summit of Mt. Jubuzan is Kontai-ji temple, a sacred mountain spot, said to have been founded by En-no-Ozuno around the end of the seventh century. The Tokai Nature Trail connects the temple to the Harayama district of Wazuka Town, whose beautiful curved tea plantations are typical of the Chagenkyo landscape.
Please note: The mountain trail from Ujitawara is steep and requires sufficient preparation. Furthermore, the training area is a place for practicing monks, and entering it can be dangerous.