Lovely and Cozy B&B in the tea fields “Blodge Lodge”

Modified date:05.27.2022

Written by National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter Michie Omoto

On the top of the picturesque hill, Blodge Lodge has stood since 2015 in the middle of the tea fields. It is a family-run B&B which accommodates one group a day. 445 people from 29 countries have enjoyed staying here.
Conversation at this lodge is in English and at the living room you may have the opportunity to have a chat in English with the two cute children of the family.

In “Japanese cooking experience” you make your own Japanese food.
In “Tea tasting” compare different organically grown tea varieties.
At “tea ceremony experience” let’s make matcha in the traditional way using the whisk as demonstrated.

Being in the deep country side, you are able to savor a fresh local food as a dinner. As Ms. Ikuko has learned Macrobiotics, she can serve you a healthy dinner as per your preference.
One of the local foods is wild deer sausage. Give it a try!
You must be surprised by its rich and juicy taste.

You may see a wild animal around the lodge. They include deer, wild boar, Japanese raccoon, and if you are lucky enough Japanese monkeys.

There is a porch in the garden. If you could enjoy bonfire in the night under the twinkling stars, that will remain as a vivid memory of your time here.

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