Enjoy traditional and tea-related culture. ① —” Saganaka Momen Traditional Museum”–

Modified date:06.27.2020

Today is the new year’s day of “New normal” in Japan. Everything restarted for get new daily lives. But we braced ourselves for second waves of infection, since we don’t know where the virus is lurking.

Wearing face masks becoming the New way of life, so even the traditional cotton textile change into “Original face Masks.”

The cotton had been one of the famous products in southern part of Kyoto prefecture. This museum featuring the history, tradition, and culture of Saganaka Momen and there is also gift shop for face masks.

You can enjoy this art in Saganaka Momen Traditional Museum, Keihanna Memorial Park. https://keihanna-park.net/en/guide/saganaka-momen/